AMM-powered fractional trading
We are facilitating separate unique liquidity pools for every NFT project, where users can swap their NFT assets to fungible F-X tokens ( X being NFT project, e.g., BAYC into Furion_BAYC_Pool to get F-BAYC, MAYC into Furion_MAYC_Pool to get F-MAYC). Each NFT can be exchanged for an equal amount of 1000 F-X tokens regardless of the token id. Also, users can use 1000 F-X tokens to buy any NFT(in the Furion pool) back into their wallets.
In addition to the conversion between NFTs and their shards, users can swap between ERC20 tokens via trading pairs following the x*y=K rule. Here the tokens can come out from mainstream fungible tokens, like USDT, ETH, or F-X tokens on Furion.
Similarly, users can complete swapping between NFTs, which actually consist of the above two functional modules, in three steps, where the user will:
  1. 1.
    Transform the original NFTs into fragmented F-X tokens;
  1. 2.
    Swap the F-X tokens to fragments of the target NFT through trading pair;
  1. 3.
    Combine the fractionals into new NFTs.
Last modified 1mo ago