Protected collateral for staked NFTs
NFT holders can also stake their NFTs into Furion Pools to get temporary liquidity with totally protected collateral, i.e., users may get a discounted amount of F-X tokens(500 currently), while maintaining all the rights to the collateral, including, but not limited to, staking rights, airdrop claiming, full ownership of that NFT, etc. Users can get their staked NFTs back at any time, conditioned they return the corresponding temporary liquidity(a certain amount of F-X tokens).
There is a pre-determined stake time for protected collateral, which is 2 months, to prevent too many unnecessary NFTs permanently locked in the contract. If the user does not redeem back their assets within that time, such NFTs will be sold to be F-X tokens automatically.
Notably, this process will collect 300 F-X tokens as a penalty, and send the remaining 200 F-X tokens to the staker.

Last modified 1mo ago