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What is

Our project - Furion
Furion is a non-custodial, permissionless NFT utility platform that helps users to own more or earn more on their NFTs, or hedge against volatile markets. In general, Furion can help fractionalize NFTs into corresponding ERC20 tokens that can be freely traded and farmed on the Furion platform and support financial operations such as borrowing, lending, long and short.
Non-custodial = All functional modules on Furion are implemented on-chain, and assets are handled through smart contracts, without the need for platform engagement or any trusted third parties.
Permissionless = Any project can create a separate pool in Furion. In the past, only blue-chip projects were targeted by NFTfi projects (e.g., Benddao). We aim to change the status quo, bringing non-blue-chip NFTs to the market to create a permissionless and open platform for every project to participate in.
Utility = Furion protocol features a number of innovations not seen before in NFTfi, including aggregated liquidity across NFT projects, AMM-powered fractional trading, leveraged NFTs' long & short positions, protected collateral towards staked NFT, multi-collateral stability pools, and much more.
Furion Flowchart

Our Values

'NFT transcends the stereotype of PFP.'
In a world where NFTs were once seen as just PFPs, we believe they can be so much more. From art and memberships to real-world assets, NFTs have the power to transcend boundaries and redefine value. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of NFTs, expanding the possibilities of NFTfi and fostering diverse use cases. We firmly believe in the transformative impact of NFTs and recognize the immense power of NFTfi in creating a strong and inclusive ecosystem. To highlight Furion's core value, we aim to provide infrastructure for NFTs beyond PFP, supporting the growth and widespread use of NFTFi for the benefit of all.

Need for NFTfi

'To unleash liquidity and capture the potential of NFT-DeFi synergy.'
Currently, the daily trading volume of derivatives is around $3.3 million, which represents approximately 3.3% of the spot trading volume of NFTs, 0.015% of the NFT market capitalization, and about one-tenth of the market development level of decentralized derivatives.
More financial derivatives and application scenarios are expected to appear in the current NFT lending and borrowing space. In order to achieve a large-scale NFTfi, other financial purposes apart from P2P will have to be established based on a mature pricing mechanism. We recognize the significance of NFT perps and lending in expanding the scope of possible NFT options and the development of structured product designs in the NFT space, but the integration of other instruments is also vital for growth. The NFTfi market is still developing, with significant growth potential in areas beyond lending and derivatives.

Our Vision

'Bridging NFT and Defi to unlock the potential of NFTfi.'
Driven by the potential of the NFT-DeFi synergy, Furion's mission is to bridge NFTs and DeFi, unlocking new horizons of opportunity.
While the current focus is often on the DeFi aspect of NFT finance, Furion recognizes the unique characteristics of NFTs themselves - from PFPs to virtual land and memberships, NFTs come in various forms. Furion aims to disrupt the status quo by creating an NFT finance platform that brings together NFTs and DeFi in a balanced way. By supporting different NFT types and adapting its design, Furion enhances the NFT dimension in NFTfi and connects NFTs with DeFi opportunities.
Additionally, there is a lack of a complete platform in the market that offers various use cases for NFTs. Furion addresses the market gap by pioneering a complete NFTFi platform, offering comprehensive features such as borrowing, lending, longing, shorting, and NFT staking. By offering these different use cases and trading options, Furion serves as a bridge between NFT and DeFi, connecting these two realms and providing users with accessible and diverse opportunities in NFT finance, maximizing the utility of NFTs.
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