What is

Furion is a non-custodial, permissionless and NFT utility platform, that helps users to own more or earn more on their NFTs, or hedge against the volatile markets.
Non-custodial = All functional modules on Furion are implemented on-chain, and assets are handled through smart contracts, without the need for platform engagement or any trusted third parties.
Permissionless = Any project can create a separate pool in Furion. In the past, only blue-chip projects were targeted by NFTfi projects (e.g., Benddao). We aim to change the status quo, bringing non-blue-chip NFTs to the market to create a permissionless and open platform for every project to participate in.
Utility = Furion protocol features a number of innovations not seen before in NFTfi, including aggregated liquidity across NFT projects, AMM-powered fractional trading, leveraged NFTs' long & short positions, protected collateral towards staked NFT, multi-collateral stability pools, and much more.
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